Launch the next great sex and relationships podcast

Let’s create a show that makes a powerful impression on your potential clients right from the outset.

There’s no other medium quite like podcasts. It’s a uniquely intimate way to connect on a deeper level with your customers. In fact, it’s a great way to reach people you couldn’t otherwise reach.

Creating a podcast that truly resonates with your target audience requires more than just technical know-how–it requires a strategic approach. We take the time to understand your audience, their needs, and how your podcast fits into their world. Our goal isn’t just to launch a podcast; it’s to create a podcast that your audience will love and that will connect deeply with your ideal clients. With our strategic guidance, we’ll ensure that your podcast isn’t just another voice in the crowd, but a standout hit that makes a meaningful impact on your audience’s lives.

But what about all the technicalities? Questions like how to record yourself or a guest, which microphone to use, or even how to improve as a host can be overwhelming. We get it. Our team is here to guide you through every step of the process, from selecting the right equipment to mastering audio and video. We’ll handle the technical aspects, ensuring your podcast stands out from the rest.

Commitment to quality was evident in every aspect of their work, from meticulous audio editing to ensuring the final product resonated with our target audience. Their dedication to excellence significantly enhanced the listener experience. I highly recommend their services for any podcast looking to enhance both the quality of their audio and the impact of their content!

—Nick Nisi, Host, JS Party

How it works

Show Planning and Strategy

We work with you to plan the format and content of your podcast, and craft a strategy that aligns with your business objectives.

Podcast Branding

We develop the brand of your podcast to align with your existing brand. Ensuring your artwork, motion graphics, and sonic profile are cohesive.

Launch Content

We’ll produce the first four episodes and a trailer to market your podcast to the world.

Distributor Setup

We’ll help you choose and setup your distributor, and ensure your new show is on YouTube, Apple, Spotify, and everywhere else.

Coaching and Support

We’ll schedule three hour-long coaching calls to talk about equipment, tools and technology to make hosting easier, and how to get the best sound-quality.